Pinterest Account Setup

You love to do the nitty-gritty stuff yourself in your business, but honestly, you could use a helping hand from a pro to get you to where you need to be.

You also know that Pinterest could take your online business to the next level, and you would like to manage it month to month yourself. 

If only someone could do the initial hard work?

Do you find yourself:

  • Procrastinating on researching the necessary keywords for your niche?
  • Not bothering to set up niche-specific boards that target your ideal client?
  • Find yourself thinking: If only someone could do the initial account build for me, I could start using Pinterest effectively in my business.

The Pinterest Account Set Up / Clean Up Package was designed especially for you. 

The Set up / clean up Package is ideal for you if:

  • You don’t yet have a Pinterest account, but want to utilise the platform.
  • You have a Pinterest account, but it’s a hot mess and needs optimising before potential clients land on your page.
  • The idea of doing the initial set up of your account makes you want to run and hide.
  • You have time to commit to the monthly maintenance of a Pinterest account but could use a hand getting the account to where it needs to be right now.
Pinterest account set up clean up slaytes creates

Here's what's included!

COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW OF YOUR ACCOUNT AND BUSINESS GOALS – To start with, I’ll send you an in-depth business questionnaire so that you can tell all about your business, your ideal client and your goals. I’ll then know what you expect from marketing your business on Pinterest and how to get you the results you’re looking for.

EXTENSIVE KEYWORD RESEARCHKeywords are how your content gets found in the Pinterest search results, so this step is super important. I’ll compile a spreadsheet full of niche related keywords that you’ll be able to refer back to and use within your Pinterest marketing.

FULL OPTIMISATION OF YOUR ACCOUNTThis includes updating your profile and bio with enriched keyword terms, verifying your website and enabling analytics.

PINTEREST BOARDSI will create or clean up at least ten Pinterest boards specific to your niche based on keyword research. Your boards will include optimised names and keyword descriptions and will have 15-20 pins added to each.

SUPPORT You will be able to contact me with unlimited questions regarding your newly optimised Pinterest account for 30 days via email after your account has been set up.



Frequently asked questions

Once payment has been made, you will receive a business questionnaire by email which allows you to tell me all about your business and your goals.

After payment has been made your account setup will be completed within 30 days.