Organise and manage your Pinterest account with ease!

Only £15


Your online courses selling themselves without you having to “show up” on social media every single day.

Your inbox filling up with dream client enquiries without you having to “slide into” potential clients DM’s and doing the icky hard sell.

Growing your email list on autopilot without having to dance around every day in a TikTok video that doesn’t come naturally to you because you don’t class yourself as an extrovert.

If these are questions you’ve been asking yourself, Pinterest might just be the marketing tool you’ve been searching for.

And this 52-page workbook is gonna help you use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business the correct way!

Are you ready to start running your business in a way that’s suited to your personality and energy levels?

 Are you ready to stop the hustle and start automating your selling machine?

Pinterest strategy planner workbook review
Pinterest strategy planner workbook review
Pinterest strategy planner workbook review

What's included in the

Pinterest Strategy Planner Workbook

🌟 It will help you clarify your business goals and how they apply to Pinterest (an entire section is dedicated to this)

🌟 It will assist you in finding the correct keywords to use on Pinterest so that your content gets found (Pinterest is a search engine, so this part is essential)

🌟 Provides you with a checklist so you can ensure your Pinterest account is fully optimised and tailored towards your ideal client or customer 

🌟 Make sure you’re creating the best pin images you can that will get link clicks (so you’re getting that all-important website traffic that will lead to selling your products or getting more client enquiries on autopilot)

🌟 Helps you formulate a pinning schedule to ensure you’re consistent with your pinning on Pinterest 

🌟Talk you through your sales funnels and “plugging in the gaps” to ensure you’re not losing out on capturing those all-important leads

🌟 It will help you track the data to ensure your strategy is working

🌟 I even suggest a workflow for you to follow that I use myself to manage multiple Pinterest accounts, so you’re using Pinterest in the most time-efficient and effective way possible