Available until 30th April 2023

Pinterest roadmap call

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I'm hosting 10 FREE 'Pinterest Roadmap' 1:1 calls in April 2023.

Yep, you’ve read that right! 

I haven’t marketed my Pinterest business in over a year because I’ve been fully booked out. 

But I miss talking to business owners about Pinterest! 

I want to talk to you about your Pinterest goals and help you reach them. 

So I’ve decided to do something very unlike me: I’ve cleared out my calendar and made space to host 10 x Pinterest Roadmap Calls in the next month!! 

Would you like to join me? 

Come book a call!! 

what is a Pinterest Roadmap Call?


We'll Define Your Exact Pinterest Goal

Most people join Pinterest without understanding it's a search engine rather than a social media channel. We'll get clear on WHY you want to be on Pinterest and how to make the time/money investment work for your business.


We'll Create A Mini Pinterest Strategy

There's a lot of components that go into a Pinterest strategy. Just having pretty pin designs isn't enough. We'll look at everything you need to have in place to get the results you want from Pinterest.


We'll Reverse Engineer The Process

Now we know what your goals are and the strategy you need in place for Pinterest, we can reverse-engineer the process. The great news is, you don't need to spend every day on Pinterest to make it work. We'll discuss the ways you can get massive ROI from Pinterest in 2023!

10 free calls in one month?!
Why are you doing this, Jenny?

#1 - I last marketed my Pinterest business over a year ago!

I’ve been fully booked Pinterest-wise for the past year, and I get most of my clients through referrals and my website.

But I miss the thrill of marketing my Pinterest business, and I’m curious to know if the market has changed and if my ideal clients want different things from what they wanted a couple of years ago.

#2 - I want to practice what I preach.

For those who don’t know, I also offer business coaching to service providers looking to sign clients for their business. 

I talk about the benefits of getting out there and talking to your ideal clients. 

So here I am, practising what I preach.

#3 - It sounds like fun (and a little out of my comfort zone).

Hosting this many calls in one month is massively out of my comfort zone…..but also kind of exciting! 

I enjoy nothing more than helping people discover how Pinterest can help add BIG PROFITS to their business, and I want to help you reverse engineer your goals to get you results!

#4 - I want to offer Pinterest services that are different to everyone else!

The Pinterest services that everyone offers have become pretty standard. I want to discover what YOU really want from someone that offers Pinterest services that might not be available right now!

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