Available until 31st January 2023

why your offer isn't selling


I want to help you diagnose WHY your offer isn't selling!

You’re an online service provider that has spent so much time creating the perfect offer that will change your clients’ lives!! 

So why is nobody investing in it??

I can guarantee there’s just a little too much resistance in your sales process.

So let’s fix that!! 

what is an offer diagnosis?



You'll fill out a quick questionnaire telling me all about your current offer that isn't selling, your ideal client and your current process for signing clients. You'll also give me the details of your social media accounts and website.



I'll carry out an audit on up to 2 social media accounts and 1 landing page. This will be screen-recorded using Loom so you can see exactly what your customer journey looks like from a potential clients perspective.



Once I've completed your audit, I'll be able to diagnose the reason your offer isn't selling and point out any resistance in your current sales process. I'll also introduce you to my 5-step resistance-free sales system!

Why you need this!

#1 - You're sick of getting ghosted.

Every time a client DMs you for more details about your offer, and you tell them the price, they ghost you! 

This can be incredibly disheartening and will make you question if your offer (and, more importantly, your prices) are good enough. You question if YOU are good enough! 

Once you’ve received my diagnosis of why your offer isn’t selling, you won’t ever have to worry about being ghosted again, and you’ll feel like it’s fun and easy to sell your offers! 

#2 - You're beyond frustrated that your offer isn't selling!

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your offer isn’t selling. You need to make money in your business. Otherwise, all you really have is an expensive hobby! 

So let’s figure out why your offer isn’t selling once and for all and get you the clients you deserve. 

#3 - You want to give up the day job, damn it, and go full-time in your business.

Giving up the soul-destroying 9-5 office job is the dream for most of my clients. Trust me when I say this IS a possibility for you! 

Once you’ve cracked the code for how to sell your offers with ease, you’ll be giving up that corporate job in no time!! 

#4 - You feel like you're annoying your audience everytime you create a 'sales post'.

I can guarantee that most small business owners don’t promote their offers enough!! Normally for fear of annoying their audience. 

The trick is to ensure your content is engaging (then it literally can’t be annoying). But it’s important to note that engaging doesn’t always mean you get tons of visible engagement. They are two very different things! 

During my audit, I will identify if your content is doing the job it needs to do to engage your ideal clients.

#5 - You NEED my 5-step system to resistance-free sales!

When you purchase your ‘Why your offer isn’t selling’ diagnosis, you get exclusive access to my 5-step resistance-free sales system.

This is something only my long-term coaching clients normally get! 

As the name suggests, this system removes any resistance to a client signing up to work with you, PLUS it makes the sales process super easy for you as a business owner! 


what happens after you've paid?

Once your payment has been processed through Stripe, you’ll receive a welcome email within 1 working day with instructions of what to do next.

You’ll be expected to fill out a quick questionnaire that gives me all the details about the offer you are struggling to sell and about your ideal client. 

Once your questionnaire has been submitted, your audit & diagnosis will be completed and returned to you within 2 weeks! 

You’ll also be given exclusive access to my 5-step resistance-free sales system.