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How to use Pinterest to grow your business

How to use Pinterest to grow your business Slaytes Creates
slaytes creates pinterest management how to use pinterest to grow your business

Pinterest is a fantastic free resource to grow your business online, that you should totally be taking advantage of right now!

Here’s my top tips for using Pinterest to grow your business the right way:

Let's start with the basics

First up you need to convert your personal account over to a business account. (Or if you’re new to Pinterest, just start up a business profile from the get go).

By having a business account , it means we have access to analytics that will tell us which of our content is doing great for our business and which types of content are not performing so well.

Optimising your account

Now we need to make sure your ideal customer can find you.

To do this, it’s important to remember that Pinterest is like the visual alternative to Google and we need to treat it as so. With Pinterest, it’s not so much about the amount of followers that’s important to us. What’s important, is how searchable our content is. So we need to enrich our profile and pins with SEO keywords. This will enable our ideal customers to find us when they are searching for something through the Pinterest search bar.

How do we find the right keywords?

By using Pinterest itself. Search a potential keyword in the Pinterest search bar and Pinterest will give us a whole load of keywords to play with. Use these for maximum benefit in your profile description and your pin descriptions.

Attractive Pins

So…….we’ve made your content searchable and it’s coming up in front of your ideal customers eyeballs. Now we need them to stop and click on your pins.

How do we do that?

Your graphics need to be enticing and have a reason for someone to click on them.

I would recommend a vertical image of a 2:3 ratio, with a good quality image and a tempting call to action.

As a business, it’s a good idea to have some consistent branding on your pins as well, so that your ideal customer starts to recognise you, becomes familiar with you and enables them to build trust with you and your brand. So think about what your colours and fonts are and have them consistent over all of your pins.


Now we’ve got the basics down and we know what we need to do to get our ideal clients attention.

Now we need to keep up with the Pinterest algorithm.

It’s important to be pinning everyday with a good number of pins in order for Pinterest to like us and to want them to keep showing our pins in search results. 

We can go in and do this manually everyday, pinning a good amount of pins to all of our optimised boards (this should be other peoples content as well as our own, this is a social platform after all).

But that can get a bit tedious after a while.

A good option I like to use is a scheduler called Tailwind, which we can use to schedule all our pins out in advance in one go.

Tracking your growth

So do you remember those analytics we set up earlier on by opening up a business account? Now it’s time to use them. 

Those analytics are going to give all kinds of juicy information, like which pins are gaining the most impressions, which pins are performing brilliantly and which of our pins are getting the most click throughs i.e  driving traffic to our website.

This information will help us work out exactly what our ideal customer is looking for and we can adapt our content to more of that.

What are you driving traffic towards?

The above tips will help drive exponential traffic to your website.

But what is it exactly that you’re driving them towards. What is your goal for all this free Pinterest traffic you are generating.

Is it feed traffic towards your affiliate links? Is it to lead them into your sales funnel? Do you want people to buy a physical product?

You need to have reason for using Pinterest marketing, but once you’ve figured it out. You will be on fire!!

Let me know in the comments, what is your business and what are you driving traffic towards?

how to use pinterest to grow your business slaytes creates
how to use pinterest to grow your business slaytes creates

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