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This blog post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using my links, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support is very much appreciated and enables me to carry on creating free content like this blog.

Would you love to be able to use your website to sell your products easily and effortlessly? 

It’s the dream, right!!


🔔 DING- DING Another Stripe notifications of your latest eBook flying off the digital shelves while you’re watching Stranger Things on Netflix. 

💰 KER-CHING Waking up after a peaceful nights sleep to email notifications that your self-paced online course is selling on autopilot. 

☎️ RING- RING Your accountant checking that you got your books right whilst you’re catching rays in the Caribbean, and your website is STILL making money.

When Pinterest clients start working with me, it’s not unusual for them to have accumulated various products they could potentially sell and make passive income from.

Whether that be:

  • Physical inventory 
  • eBooks and guides 
  • A self-paced online course 
  • An upcoming launch  

Their main problem?

Getting their products out there and in front of dream clients so their bank account can grow as their audience grows too! 

Pinterest helps you reach a stone-cold audience actively searching for the kind of content you produce and makes them HOT to buy!

How is Pinterest such a magical money-making machine?

Users are on Pinterest looking to be inspired and searching for solutions to their problems.

For example

  • If someone is looking for a way to lose 10 pounds before their summer holidays, your video course on ‘How to lose 10 pounds in a month’ could be the perfect fit.
  • Maybe you’re a career coach and your six-week live course, where participants can directly ask you questions, is just the thing for someone struggling to climb the career ladder.
  • Someone just starting out in business might be looking for an eBook on ‘How to create your own WordPress site’, and you’ve got just the thing to help as a website designer.

These are all fantastic product ideas that won’t only make a massive difference to the lives of your ideal customers but can also make you passive income without lifting a finger! 

How could passive income change YOUR life?

  • More time to play with your kids without the work-guilt?
  • More freedom to travel to far-flung places on your bucket list? 
  • A sense of security because you have the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed about?

Whatever benefit it gives you, I’m sure you can see it’s worth the initial time investment of setting up products to sell online. 

So, how can Pinterest help you when it comes to selling your products? 

I’m about to share three strategies to sell your products online using Pinterest, to skyrocket your sales and increase your profit margin! 

 Keep on reading!

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    1. Inspire with customer-driven content

    I mentioned earlier that Pinterest users are looking to be inspired. 

    So, inspire them by driving Pinterest traffic to your blog. 

    Use free blog content to showcase your product in action and show potential customers why they can’t live without it for a day longer.

    • Do you appeal to Mrs Hinch wannabes that want an immaculate home? Maybe you sell cleaning gadgets that are going to change your customers’ lives. Film a YouTube video showing the products in action and embed it on your website! 
    • Is your ideal person someone who struggles to come up with Instagram content? Give them a teaser of just how good you are at writing Instagram captions yourself. Give them some value-packed free tips in a blog post, and then let them know you have an entire course dedicated to creating content that sells on Instagram!

    Free content will help potential customers get to know you, build trust with you and eventually be hanging off every word you have to say and be eager to invest in your products.

    These people will be your most loyal fanbase and will even recommend you to their friends and family, so it’s a win/win.

    Want to create a results-driven Pinterest strategy? Get your workbook here.


    Some people are ready to buy immediately. 

    We’ll call these impulse buyers. 

    That doesn’t mean they’ll buy literally anything. 

    It has to make sense and be precisely what they’re looking for, but when this type of person hits your website, be ready to meet them where they’re at. 

    And with the magic of Pinterest, you can direct this kind of traffic from Pinterest directly to your sales pages.

    To make sure you’re appealing to this kind of buyer and not missing potential sales, make sure you have the following in place: 

    • Your pin image needs to evoke emotion for your ideal customer and entice them to click on it – it should be the very thing they’ve been searching high and low for. And the answer to all their problems!
    • Your sales page itself should be easy to navigate and be super easy to purchase from. If someone clicks ‘buy now’ it should do just that. 
    • It should answer any questions or objections that a customer might have before investing with you. 
    • There should be plenty of social proof! Help your customers trust that your product will change their lives by showing how it’s helped previous customers.

    Want to know how to make your business Pinterest ready? Get your free worksheet here.

    3. Earn trust with an email list

    Sometimes when someone arrives on your website, they’re not ready to invest with you just yet.

    And that’s fine.

    We haven’t quite reached the know, like, and trust factor with these particular people, YET. 

    They need a little bit more nurturing and a little bit more time, so it’s a good idea to have a system to retarget these potential customers at a later date.

    Letting people get to know you with free blog content is a great start, but what’s even better is having a way to contact them.

    This is where a free lead magnet comes into play.

    Gone are the days when we could ask someone to hand over their email address with nothing in return. 

    We’re all time-poor, and we don’t want our email inboxes being clogged up.

    We want value……and we have a right to insist on value. 

    What high-value freebie can you offer your ideal person in exchange for their email address?

    Some good examples are:

    • Ten reel ideas for an introvert that wants to market their business on Instagram 
    •  25% discount on their next purchase for your clothing store 
    • A 5-day email course for someone wanting to lose weight without feeling like they’re starving themselves 

    Once you’ve got someone on your email list, don’t stop giving them value! 

    • Create a simple email sequence for them to go through so they can get to know you and learn from you
    • Nurture your new audience members and remember they’re human beings. Offer them help and advice, but don’t be afraid to offer them paid solutions to their problems.
    • Make it easy for them to unsubscribe if they want to. Don’t be afraid of losing email subscribers, and don’t take it personally. There’s so much more value to having people on your list that are engaged and will potentially want to purchase from you.

    Once you’ve got your lead magnet in place and a welcome sequence set up, you can now use Pinterest to direct traffic directly to your lead magnet landing page or to an action-driven blog post where your lead magnet is a natural follow on.

    Want to know who my favourite email marketing provider is? Find out here! 

    Now, I know from speaking to plenty of you online that you find Pinterest overwhelming, confusing and time-consuming, and that’s why you put off using it. 

    You’ve spent time on Pinterest designing your dream kitchen or searching for storage solution inspo, but you don’t quite understand how Pinterest works in a business sense.

    The truth is, though, it doesn’t have to be confusing! 

    You’re just not using Pinterest the correct way because you’ve been piecing it together with free bits of content you’ve found online. 

    Or you’ve been treating it the same way you would Facebook and Instagram when you need to be treating it like the search engine it is. 

    That’s where my eBook comes in! 😍

    This jam-packed eBook will show the right way to use Pinterest in a simple and user-friendly way.  No jargon, no fluff. Just straightforward advice that you need to use Pinterest to get the results you desperately desire and deserve. 

    Here’s what the eBook covers: 

    • How to use Pinterest to make more sales in your business – An introvert’s DREAM!
    • Using Pinterest as a search engine to attract an audience to your website and kickstart your passive income process! 
    • Targeting the right people with SEO optimised keywords meaning attracting YOUR dream clients to your business. 
    • Creating pin images that your ideal person feels compelled to click on and buy from!
    • How to create a strategy that will increase your profit margin in less time and less effort than IG! 

    This eBook will help you feel empowered to use Pinterest like a boss and ensure you make a more significant impact with your life-changing products whilst you Netflix and chill!

    Get your hands on the eBook here!

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