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How to get clients from Pinterest Slaytes Creates

How to get clients from Pinterest without having to do the hard sell

You want clients for your business, right?

Of course, you do! 

If you want a successful service-based business, you need clients.

And you want a successful business because:

  • You’re sick of having to answer to a boss – you want to work on your own terms 
  • You want to live the digital nomad life – working from a beach in Bali anyone? 
  • You want to be able to take your kids to the park without asking for permission
  • Basically – you want to live your best life, on your own terms 

But without clients, you don’t have a business. you just have a hobby.

I know for a fact from having worked with loads of online business owners, that for a lot of you, you’re time-poor! You don’t want to have to spend hours on Instagram engaging with other accounts in the hopes your ideal client will notice you. You don’t want to send out cold emails to potential clients that just feel a bit icky, knowing full well you probably won’t get a response.

You want to create a system that allows you to attract clients to you in a way that doesn’t compromise your time, your energy or your values. 

So how can Pinterest help you do that?

Keep on reading and I’ll be happy to share the deets! 

How to get clients from Pinterest Slaytes Creates

If you’re anything like me, you started your online business and thought you’d just market yourself e v e r y w h e r e!!!

  • Let’s set up a Facebook page 
  • Let’s build a massive network on LinkedIn 
  • Let’s “show up” on Instagram stories 
  • Let’s dance around on TikTok
  • Let’s *engage* in a about a million Facebook groups where no one will probably notice me anyway 

Oh my god, just typing that out makes me feel exhausted! 😩

The hustle….is….real!

But if you’re like me, you want something a bit calmer, a bit more introvert-friendly.

Something a LOT more sustainable!

This is where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest actually works more like a search engine than a typical social media platform. That means we can create content on our own website and use Pinterest as a way to drive traffic to that website…..for months…..even YEARS.

Here’s how you get clients using Pinterest:

Blog Content

Users on Pinterest are searching for inspiration and looking for solutions to their problems. So you want to create content that offers those people solutions.

Here are some examples:

  • Are you a nutritionist? Write content that helps someone make better food choices or helps them come up with an effective meal plan.
  • Are you a career coach? Write content that helps people get prepared for a tough interview or helps people negotiate a pay rise.
  • Are you a brand designer? Share content on how to use Canva to create a branding palette.

This free content will help people to see you as an authority in your field and when they’re looking for an expert they’ll instantly think of you.

And if your main goal is to sign up clients, your blog content should have a clear call to action for someone to book your service or view more information about your service.

Want to know how to create regular, fresh content for Pinterest? Find out here. 

Services Page

If you offer a service, you definitely want to talk about it on your website.

  • Let your potential clients know exactly how you can help them, what the transformation looks like and exactly what they’re investing in.
  • Your services page should answer any question or objection a potential client might have and you can do this through text, images, reviews or video.
  • Make it SUPER easy for your potential client to contact you, apply to work with you or ask you any questions.

Remember this lead could be coming in cold from Pinterest and you may only have a short amount of time to grab their attention so give them as much information as they need to make a decision.

Knowing how to capture leads in an effective way is going to make or break your business and if you’re not sure how to capture Pinterest traffic, I can help with that!

Check out my Pinterest services here.

Capture those leads

It would be amazing if every single person that landed on our website from Pinterest just instantly signed up to work with us.

But that’s just not always gonna happen.

So you need a system to capture those leads so you can offer them value at a later point. 

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Make sure there are plenty of links within your blog posts. You want to make your blog content ‘binge-worthy’, which means a reader can easily and naturally go from one blog post to another. This ensures website visitors are hanging around for much longer (this incidentally will help with Domain Authority) and developing trust with your brand.

For example: 

A productivity coach has a blog post all about time blocking tasks for your business – this would lead quite naturally into a blog post on how to time block self-care into your life – which would lead into another blog post about how to create time for self-care in your everyday life.

  • Get your audience onto your email list.

As well as the traffic on your website, your email list is an audience you actually *own*. Which is pretty invaluable.

The easiest way to get someone onto your email list? Offer value.

In other words a lead magnet or an opt-in freebie.

Here are some ideas: 

Virtual assistant = 20 tasks you could outsource to VA

Social media manager = 10 caption openers to use on Instagram 

Career coach = How to answer 10 of the toughest interview questions

Want to know who my favourite email marketing provider is? Find out here. 

Have you been spending hours on Facebook and Instagram (which really isn’t all that introvert-friendly) and fancy including Pinterest in your business strategy but don’t have a clue where to start?

Have you started using Pinterest and feel like it’s SO overwhelming and confusing, that you’re actually procrastinating with it right now?

Have you been using Pinterest for a while, but struggling to get real tangible results? 

You might just need to revamp your strategy and I created the Pinterest Strategy Planner Workbook with you in mind! 

After two years of creating bespoke strategies for my clients, I wanted a way to help people create their own strategy at a cost-effective price. 

The Strategy Planner is a 52- page workbook that will help you:

  • Create pin images for Pinterest that will entice your ideal client to click through to your website and learn more about your brand and services
  • Ensure your Pinterest profile is fully optimised
  • Work out a pinning schedule so you’re not using Pinterest aimlessly 
  • Capture leads by perfecting your sales funnels so you never miss out on a potential sale again
  • Learn how to analyse the data so you know your strategy is working 
  • Create a time-efficient workflow so Pinterest doesn’t take up unnecessary time

With this planner, you’ll be using Pinterest the right way to connect you with more potential clients in your business.

If you want to get your hands on the Strategy Workbook, click the link here.

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