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How to get client testimonials for your online business

Have you ever been close to signing up to work with someone or buying a product, but there was just something holding you back? 

The sales copy had hit all the emotional cues in your brain, but you needed some kind of proof that the service or product worked to help you make the decision to purchase. 

It was more than likely that you needed to see a client testimonial before you could decide to invest.

How to get client testimonials Slaytes Creates 2

When you go to purchase something you’ve never bought before from Amazon, what’s the first thing you do? 

You probably head straight to the reviews section if you’re anything like me. 

Why do we do this? 

Well, for one, we value other people’s opinions (more than we’d like to admit). 

And also, we need to back up our purchasing decision with logic. 

We need proof that other people have purchased the product and are HAPPY they did so. 

The same goes for ANYTHING ELSE that you’re looking to buy. 

Especially on the internet! 

If you’re an online business owner and think social proof doesn’t apply to you. 

I hate to break it to you….


But why is getting killer testimonials as a small online business owner so hard for most of us to do?  

There are three main reasons that could be blocking you from getting client testimonials:

You’re scared of asking for feedback.

This could be due to fear of failure or fear of rejection. You may have imposter syndrome, and you’re scared the client will ask for a refund because you dared to ask for a testimonial.

You 'Forget'

It could be that asking for feedback or a testimonial is just a bit boring. You have the personality that moves on to the next thing as soon as the last thing has finished, and you don’t have time to ask for that little thing called feedback. You know the service went great, and you feel like your client doesn’t need to confirm that.

You do ask, but your client doesn’t write them.

Now, if you have gone through the motions of asking your clients for a testimonial, you might assume that your client hasn’t written one because they didn’t like your service or didn’t have time. But the reality is it’s likely that they just didn’t know HOW to write you a testimonial that would do your service justice. So they just procrastinated to the point where they just didn’t bother doing it at all.

All three are genuine problems you might be experiencing right now.

But getting feedback and testimonials from your clients and customers is essential because:

  1. Feedback means you can improve your services and programs. Your ego won’t like this one, but not all feedback will be good. That’s ok! You started your business to help people, but the only way you can help is to take on board what the people paying you are telling you. They’ll give you invaluable insight into where you can improve things and make your product or service the best it can be.

  2. Testimonials help you sell more. If you want to reach and help more people, they need to believe that you can help them. You can talk about how great your service is until you’re blue in the face, but without that social proof, you’re gonna limit the amount of sales you make in your business.

so what's the answer?

We create systems! 

Creating systems solves all three of the problems above in one go. 

Asking for feedback and testimonials can quickly become a part of your overall process and client experience. And it can also be fun!! 

So, first let’s talk about the kind of testimonials and social proof that’s available to you: 

Random social proof:

This kind of social proof seems to just fall into your lap. 

  • When a client messages you and tells you they had a fantastic win! 
  • When a client gives you a shoutout on social media. 
  • When someone in your network recommends you publicly to someone else and sings your praises. 
  • When someone leaves you a LinkedIn recommendation that you didn’t ask for. 

Screenshot all of these and share them!! 

This is the kind of social proof you can’t predict and is entirely out of your control. 

As amazing as this kind of social proof is, we don’t want to rely on this!

Structured testimonials that you’ve requested:

Structured testimonials are the ones you need to ask for every time you work with someone. 

This is where your systems and processes come into play.

Here’s a super simple system you can implement today:

  1. When you onboard a client, explain that at the end of your time working together (or within a specific timeframe if it’s a long-term client), you’ll send them a feedback form that you expect them to fill in. It should feel like it’s a natural part of your overall service.

  2. When you finish working with someone, make it a part of your ‘deliverables’ email and let your clients know that you’ll send them a feedback questionnaire.

  3. Have a feedback form already set up, ready to go with questions that you want feedback on.
    • Ask them about the struggles they had before working with you.
    • Ask them what improvements can be made within your service.
    • Ask them what the transformation was like for them.
    • Ask if they are willing to provide a testimonial and a headshot.

  4. Send them the feedback form and give them a deadline to fill it out.

  5. Write the testimonials for them!

Now if that last step has got you confused, let me explain…

I’ll let you into a secret and tell you that your client procrastinates over writing you a killer testimonial because they’re NOT copywriters. They don’t know how to write a compelling testimonial. And add in the fact that they’re probably not business owners themselves; the truth is they just don’t understand the importance of testimonials to the longevity of your business.

And who can blame them?

So if you can write the testimonial for them, they are gonna love you so much AND you’ll be making their lives easier. 

In my eBook – How to get killer testimonials – I run you through the entire process of writing your clients testimonials for them.

Behind the scenes:

Sharing the ‘behind the scenes’ process of how you work is a great of showing your clients what you do and that you’re the best in the business! 

Here’s a few ideas: 

  • Share a walkthrough of what it looks like for someone to sign up and work with you.
  • Share some of the things that you are working on with real-life clients right now (keep them anonymous and get their permission first!).
  • Share a case study of someone you have worked with. 
  • Share your notes of a new digital course you are currently building and ask for your audiences input. 

How to get testimonials if you’ve never worked with anyone:

You might be thinking, “I’ve never worked with anyone. Does that mean I’m screwed?”

Of course not! You just have to be creative in getting people to work with you. 

In my 1:1 hybrid coaching program, Unlock your Signature Offer, I encourage my clients to carry out BETA testing or even create pop-up offers when launching a brand new offer or product. 

You can also do this as a brand new business owner. 

You can reach out to three people you know would be a perfect fit for your offer and offer to work with them for free (or at least at a super reduced rate). Your beta clients get to work with you for an absolute steal AND contribute to shaping your new offer.

And you get a killer testimonial that you can share with future potential clients! 


If you’re a new business owner and want to get killer testimonials from day one, I highly recommend getting my eBook – How to get killer testimonials – I’ve got a whole section dedicated to getting testimonials when you’ve never worked with anyone before!

So there you have it! Getting killer testimonials can be fun and easy and doesn’t have to be this icky experience you dread every time you finish working with a client! 

If you’ve got any questions, let me know below! 

How to get client testimonials Slaytes Creates

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