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How to create fresh content for Pinterest

How to create fresh content for Pinterest

Pinterest made a big announcement last week, that they are updating their best practice guidelines and making changes to their algorithm……and oh boy are people in a panic about it!

But YOU don’t need to be. I’m gonna talk you though why these changes are a GOOD thing and how you can take advantage of it.

What are the changes?

Pinterest have now categorically told us that they want marketers to provide Pinterest and its users with FRESH content AND they are going to be prioritising recent content over old content.

Ultimately, Pinterest wants to provide its users with high quality content that’s fresh and relevant, and that is what they are going to be offering up to its users in search results.

So what does that mean for us as Pinterest marketers.

  • You need to be creating new, consistent blog posts
  • You need to be adding more products to your online stores
  • You need to create more pin images for existing and new content
  • You might even want to play around with different pin descriptions

Having to do all these things shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. This is the stuff your audience wants ti see and in the end will help your business grow exponentially.

This is what I have been encouraging my Pinterest clients to do for a long time now anyway. Pinterest have now just told us officially that this is what they want from us.

So, how do you go about creating fresh, new content consistently

Blog Content

When thinking up ideas for fresh blog content, the Pinterest search bar is your best friend. If you type in a niche specific keyword, Pinterest will auto-suggest all the things your ideal person is searching for. Note all of these search results down and brainstorm content around it.

It’s also good practice to keep an eye on your analytics and see what is performing well.

Think about:

  • Can I create content that is similar to a top performing post?
  • Is there a subject that compliments any of my top performing posts nicely?


To figure out what kind of products you could be creating to add to your shop, again have a search on Pinterest and see what people are searching for within your niche.

  • Is there a gap in the market that you haven’t taken advantage of yet?
  • Is there something that loads of people are searching for that you could quite easily produce?
  • Have a look at what your competitors are selling. DON’T COPY, but you this as inspiration for products that you could sell to your ideal customer.

Have a look at your analytics as well. Which of your products get the most link clicks and saves? This will give you valuable insight into what people are ACTUALLY craving for.

Fresh Pins

There’s a couple of methods that I personally use to make it easier to create brand new pins all the time.

  • Time Batching
  • Templates
Time Batching

If you’ve never heard of time batching, I’m about to blow your mind.

You know how it is when you get into the flow of working on something. If you suddenly switch to another task it’s very difficult to go back to the original task and get back into that flow. Which is why I’m a huge fan of batching my time.

To this this and apply it to pin design, have a good look at your calendar and put aside at least an hour (maybe even two) to exclusively work on your pin designs. Do this once a week (or if you’re feeling super organised, once a month) and create ALL of your pins for a whole bunch of blog posts or products.


I have a set of 15 templates in Canva that I use for my own personal brand. These are such a great time saver as you’re not having to re-invent the wheel or looking for inspiration every time you need to create a pin for a new (or existing) blog post. The hard work has already been done and you can just add new text and photos, make a few little tweaks and you’re good to go. 

If you want to save even more time and purchase a set of templates to use for yourself, then I have a set of 10 available for just £27. Send me an email at hello@slaytescreates.com with “I want your Pinterest templates” in the subject line and I will send you the details on how to purchase.

Pin Descriptions

Testing out your pin descriptions is good practice anyway. It stops us getting lazy and stale and it helps us figure out what resonates best with our audience. 

I recommend keeping a spreadsheet for all of your pin descriptions and tracking how they perform.

This is exactly what I do as a Pinterest manager and strategist! 

I manage business Pinterest accounts for online business owners just like you, so they can get the most out of Pinterest, their website and their sales funnels, which enables them to grow their business

If you’re interested in working with me as your Pinterest manager, click the services link in the top bar to find out more! 

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  1. Paul @ SideGains

    I’ve enjoyed this post Jenny. I’m relatively new to Pinterest and working hard to find what works for me. I did hear a few weeks ago about the algorithm changes Pinterest made earlier this year and so I have adapted my approach much more towards making lots more fresh pins… but boy it’s a lot of work on top of everything else!

    I like your suggestion about targeting blog posts for Pinterest searches, which is not something I’ve done to date. But it makes complete sense to do so: look for a need someone has and provide a solution for it. This is the tenet of growing your blog in traditional search engines, so why not for Pinterest, which everyone says is more like a search engine these days.

    Thanks for the tips!

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