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Discover how to build your dream online business that’s aligned with your personality and values (and drops the should’s and shouldn’ts!)

Why am i qualified to teach you?

Hi! I’m Jenny, your dream online business coach! As well as running my own online business for the last three years, I’ve also worked intensively with other online business owners helping them get the best results that make them money. 

I started as a Pinterest manager offering “done for you” services back in 2019. In that time, I learnt that there’s no a one size fits all strategy for everyone. 

Some clients thrived using Pinterest. Others, not so much. 

I realised that too many people in the online space follow what they “should and shouldn’t” do rather than picking out the best strategies that work best and feel good to them. 

This is why I created a free email course. To help liberate you from any constraints and help you build a business that works around your lifestyle, personality, and values. 

If you want to create an online business that feels more like a dream than a dead-end job, sign up for the 6-day BootCamp! You honestly won’t regret it! 

What you'll learn in this free email course: