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Customer Journey Audit Slaytes Creates

Hey! I see you!!

You’ve got an incredible offer that’s gonna blow your clients socks off; you’re creating killer content; you’re ‘showing up’ every day…..but it’s just not converting into PAYING clients.

The problem…..

You haven’t clearly communicated HOW your ideal clients can work with you and you haven’t clearly defined how to get a potential client from Point A to Point B with as little resistance as possible.

Let’s fix that!!!

Hey, I'm Jenny 👋

I’m a business coach that supports service providers, coaches and consultants just like you to get ideal, dream clients to sign up and work with you! 

What makes me qualified to help you do that! 

As a Pinterest manager, I worked with high-end clients to convert cold traffic from Pinterest into PAYING CUSTOMERS.

I know a thing or two about the customer journey!

When you’re working in your own business, you’re typically too close to see where the gaps are and where the funnels are leaking. 

If you’re clear on your offers, you’re creating content that speaks to your ideal clients and showing up every day and engaging, but you’re still not making sales……

I can guarantee that your customer journey is the problem!


Using a hybrid combination of teaching and coaching, I’ll help you get clear on your core signature offer, become the go-to person in your field, ensure we validate & test your offer with your ideal market, and launch an offer you know is gonna sell!

Zoom Recording

I'll record my screen and talk you through what I'm experiencing whilst going through your customer journey.

Personalised Advice

You'll get personalised and actionable advice for improvements that can be made by yours truly!

PDF Action Plan

A neatly packaged up PDF document that lays out your action plan to improve your customer journey that you can refer back to with ease!

customer journey audit

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Is a customer journey audit right for me?

If you’re an online service provider, coach or consultant that relies on clients to make money in your business, a Customer Journey Audit could help you!  

The biggest problem online service providers have in their business is communicating their offers with their audience. 

It’s obvious to you how someone can work with you and what you offer. But it’s not obvious to everyone else.

But we can change that! 

When you purchase a Customer Journey Audit:

  • I’ll audit 2X social media profiles and 1X website or landing page (could be a Google Doc or PDF file).
  • I’ll screen record as I go and explain what’s working well and what’s missing, giving you helpful, expert suggestions along the way!
  • I’ll explain why you need certain things in place to make it easy for a potential client to decide to work with you.
  • You’ll also receive a PDF document detailing the changes to make and actions to take to make it resistance-free for clients when they want to sign up and work with you!

one-off payment