Hey there!

I’m so glad to meet you!!

I bet I know exactly what brought you over to my little space on the web!

I’m going to hazard a guess that you are sick and tired of not pulling in the views and converting the sales that you deserve over on your website.

Am I close?

Growing your business online is HARD!

As an online business owner myself, I have spent a long time figuring out the best ways to build traffic and credibility on both my own and my clients’ websites. I have experienced first hand how frustrating it is to put out great content and then to hear crickets, because no one even knows you exist.

But here’s the thing…..

Being a successful business owner is NOT about working harder………

…………it’s about working SMARTER.

I learned very quickly how fruitless it is, trying to do all the things by yourself. Because there’s no way you can be an expert at everything. As much as your ego might hate hearing that. We all need that network of experts and mentors that we can turn to, to help us reach the next level in our business.

I learned that when I make a decision to outsource something that may not be my strong point, that’s when it gets good. That’s when the money starts to roll in. Because I get out of my own way!

And I want that for you too!

If you know you need to be on Pinterest to increase your brand awareness, but that’s not your area of expertise, or maybe you just don’t have the time to be consistent with it. Then today is the day to get out of your own way and outsource it to an expert.

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Get to know me! I'm a......

London girl originally, but escaped the busyness of the city and am now living in the North East of England!

Lover of tea. English Breakfast (or proper builders tea as we call it in the UK) to be exact.

Volunteer at a handful of charities. I love to give back and help those that need a hand up in life.

Tech obsessive. I love learning about the latest tools and how I can implement them into my business and passing that knowledge onto my clients.

Travel Fanatic! Nothing would bring me greater pleasure than to be living the Digital Nomad lifestyle. My favourite country is Italy. And Monument Valley, Arizona is sooooo on my bucket list. But honestly, I would just love to experience everything the world has to offer!ย