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5 benefits of blogging for your business

Think you haven’t got time to blog? You may want to think again.

Did you you know that businesses that blog receive 97% more links to their website and 57% of marketers have revealed that they have gained customers specifically through blogging.

If that’s not a big enough reason in itself to convince you that you need to be blogging for your business, then read on for five more.

5 benefits of blogging for your business Slaytes Creates
5 benefits of blogging for your business

1. Blogging gives your website an SEO boost

Blogging helps your website rank higher in Google and Pinterest. This is because they are both search engines.

Google likes to see that you are constantly updating your website and Pinterest loves to see fresh content that they can offer up to their users.

2. Blogging helps you build your authority as an industry expert

There’s nothing that expresses the fact that you know your industry inside out than consistently writing about your industry.

If you want to be seen as the go-to person for your niche, then give potential readers evidence that you know what the heck you’re talking about.

3. You can lead potential customers towards your funnels

Writing a blog post can be an incredible way to lead readers into you funnels. 

This can mean: 

  • Linking to a free downloadable worksheet or checklist that is related to your blog post and getting that reader signed up to your email list.
  • Mentioning a low ticket paid product that would be the perfect compliment to your blog post (especially if that post is solving a problem).
  • Talking about your services which could be the perfect fit for your reader.

4. Your blog is a part of the Internet that you own

Social media is amazing. This type of free marketing that allows small business owners to promote themselves would be unthinkable 20 years ago.

The only downside to social media is that you don’t own it. You don’t own your followers. You can’t control the algorithm. You are at the mercy of the platform owners.

But with your blog and your website. You own it. You call the shots.

5. Readers can share your content which leads to more exposure

The last benefit is that you can install social plugins that allow readers to easily share your content. It’s basically free marketing and your readers are doing half the work for you.

For small business owners and solopreneurs, blogging really shouldn’t be something that’s put on your list to do “someday”.

It’s pretty much an essential part of business that you should be making a priority.

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