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3 ways you can use pinterest to grow your coaching business

Are you an amazing coach who completely transforms you clients’ lives, but find yourself needing to figure out a way to scale your business before you reach complete burnout?

I’ve got you!

Coaches are *freaking* brilliant at what they do and I bet that you know exactly how to tap into your zone of genius to change your clients’ lives for the better.

But when it comes to business you feel:

   1. Like you’ve become maxed out and have no room to grow

   2. Like you’re having to show up on social media every single day to keep your business going 

   3. Like you would love to have a business that runs more smoothly on autopilot, but you have no idea what that looks like 

There is an easier way! 

Keep on reading!

3 Ways you can use Pinterest to grow your coaching business Slaytes Creates

That easier way includes:

  1. Having a website 
  2. Creating blog content that speaks to your ideal client

Having a website and blog content helps you to set up SALES FUNNELS

Don’t be scared off by the phrase sales funnels. There’s nothing overly techy about it (trust me, I hate techy!). 

A sales funnel is just knowing what the journey looks like from A to B when someone lands on your website to when they are ready to exchange money for your services.

So what to these sales funnels look like for a coach? 

SALES FUNNEL 1: Email Subscribers

Growing an email list is definitely a long-game, but it’s also an extremely effective one if you’re looking to grow your business.

Here’s what growing your email list looks like on your website:

→ You write a blog post about X which answers a very relevant pain point for your ideal client.

In that blog post, talk about/promote a freebie that delves into that pain point even deeper. Make sure the freebie stands out and is easy to access. 

Make it a no brainer for that reader to exchange their email address in order to receive that freebie. 

The reader is now on your email list. Congratulations! 

You can now nurture that reader with a simple email sequence, giving them tips and ideas that will help them with their pain point/situation and you can even offer them paid solutions to their problems.

SALES FUNNEL 2: Client Leads

Your dream might be to wake up to an inbox full of potential client enquiries, without having to hustle every single day on social media.

Here’s what that would look like:

Write a blog post about X which answers a very relevant pain point for your ideal client.

In that blog, make it clear that you have a service that dives into that pain point even further.

Have very clear webpage links throughout your blog post, that will take your reader directly to your service sales page.

Your sales page should be extremely easy to navigate and should answer any questions a potential client may have when it comes to working with you. 

Make it overly easy for a potential client to reach out to you. That might be a link so they can email you or a short and simple application form. Whatever it is, make sure it’s clearly visible on your website and sales page.

SALES FUNNEL 3: Product Sales

It’s not uncommon for coaches to develop and sell digital online courses, eBooks, video series. Basically passive income products. 

These are an amazing way to supplement your income, whilst freeing up time to do more intensive 1:1 work with your clients.

Here’s what the funnel should look like:

Drive website traffic to a sales page that is free from any obstacles and is easy to navigate for the user.

The sales page should answer all questions and obstacles and make it a no brainer for the customer to purchase. 

Make sure the copy on your sales page is super focused so that your ideal customer feels like you’re speaking specifically to them and their pain points. 

Ensure your checkout process is super simple and easy to use. 

You can provide upsells along the way to give your customers even more of what they’re craving, which also means more profit for your business. 

The most effective way to identify which sales funnel is most appropriate for you and your business is to figure out your primary END GOAL.

So is that: 

  • Email subscribers?
  • Client leads?
  • Product sales ?

Where does Pinterest come into it?

Once you have your sales funnels set up, you need to start driving traffic towards it! 

If you’re a coach, it’s pretty much a guarantee that your niche is suitable for Pinterest.


Because most people go onto Pinterest with the hopes of:

  • Finding a solution to their problems
  • Improving their life

And as a coach that’s exactly what you help your clients do!

So, to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and funnels….

Design pins for Pinterest that lead directly to:

  • Blog content 
  • Sales pages 
  • High-value freebies 
  • Digital products 

Sounds easy, right?

Hmmm, there’s a little more to it than that….

  • Pinterest works like a search engine, so you need to write SEO keyworded pin descriptions to go with your pins to ensure they get found in the search results.
  • You want you ideal clients/customers to actually click on your pins, so you need to make your pins visually appealing and give the user a real incentive to click on that pin.
  • You need to create multiple pin images for each piece of content and be pinning consistently every single day in order to get the best results out of Pinterest.

This is exactly what I do as a Pinterest manager and strategist! 

I manage business Pinterest accounts for coaches just like you, so they can get the most out of Pinterest, their website and their sales funnels, which enables them to grow their business

If you’re interested in working with me as your Pinterest manager, click the link below to find out more about my services. 

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