dream business accelerator

1:1 coaching 

6-week coaching container to create the online business of your dreams! 

This could change your life!

What would your life look like if you had complete control over how (and how much) you earned money? 

If you could live life fully on your terms and answer only to yourself? 

In short, what does freedom look like to you? 

The details:

→ Six-week coaching container. 
→ Bi-weekly Zoom calls. 
→ Unlimited email and voice note access. 
→ Guided process to create ONE core offer that will make you money as an online business owner! 

If you’re eager to build your own profitable online business, but you’re super overwhelmed and confused by all the information and possible routes you could take. I hear you!! 

The Dream Business Accelerator is perfect for you if you want to: 

Jenny has been like my sidekick in business. Her knowledge of how different online businesses work and how to make money has been invaluable to me. I'd be so lost without her in my corner!

how I can help you

Starting an online business is tough. To keep it going is even harder! Which is why having the right support system is essential.

Having worked intensively with online business owners for the past two years and creating substantial income in my own online business, I know a thing or two about running a successful online business. 

Here are some of the things I can help you with in the Dream Business Accelerator coaching container: 

  • Help you choose a niche or business type that you will enjoy working in
  • Help you find clients or customers that are willing to spend money on your products or services 
  • Help you figure out the best marketing platforms for your business and help you set them up 
  • Figure out your sales funnels so you can easily move a customer from Point A to Point B
  • Help turn what could be an expensive hobby into a profitable business 

Within the 1:1 Dream Business Accelerator 6-week coaching container, we’ll work together to build the online business of your dreams!

What’s included: 

3X Zoom calls with me 

Call 1: We’ll gain clarity over your business idea, figure out where your ideal audience is hanging out, and we’ll discover the best way to validate and test your offering.

Call 2:  We’ll work out the best marketing platforms for you to be on that align with your values and personality and figure out an action plan for you to make your business known to your ideal customers.

Call 3: We’ll work together to figure out a strategy that works for you to provide longevity in your online business. 

During the 6-weeks, you’ll also have full access to me via email and messenger, where you can ask me any questions and I’ll keep you accountable on your journey! 

Think of me as your business bestie that you can keep in your back pocket to help you through the process of creating an online business.

How it works

In six weeks, you’ll be guided through the process of creating ONE core offer that you can provide online. 

That could be a “done for you” service, a coaching program, a suite of digital products or online course, or promoting an affiliate product. 

Week 1

→ Get clear on what you want your life to look like with a successful online business.

→ Fully assess where you’re at right now and how you can fit your dream business around your existing life. 

→ Clarify your ONE core offer that you would like to provide.

Week 2

→ Figure out the right market for your niche and offer. 

→ Learn your ideal audience’s pain points.  

→ Build an offer your audience actually wants.

+ 1 hr Zoom call 

Week 3

→ Test your one core offer in the real world before launching.

→ Get valuable, real-time feedback. 

→ Learn what works and what doesn’t work, so you can refine your offer.

→ Get testimonials and social proof. 

Week 4

→ Refine your process based on real-life feedback. 

→ Make your business fit into your lifestyle. 

→ Get systems and automation in place. 

+ 1 hr Zoom call. 

Week 5

→ Decide which ONE marketing channel you’re fully going to master. 

→ Warm-up your audience. 

→ Create content that really speaks to your ideal customers. 

→ Get ready to launch your core offer and decide on your pricing.

Week 6


→ Create a sustainable strategy for the future of your business.

→ Bring everything together that you’ve learned. 

+ 1 hr Zoom call. 

Investment £997

(Payment plans available)