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Hi, I’m Jenny Slaytor!
I help established coaches, online service providers and bloggers get the most out of their sales funnels and making LOTS of money through their website by sending targeted traffic from their ideal audience using Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the most underrated marketing tools out there, and if you’re not using it to convert traffic on your website, then you’re missing a huge slice of the SEO pie.

Pinterest works like a visual search engine, so your content will come up over and over again in front of your ideal clients eyes, if optimised with the right keywords.

Pinterest is my speciality and my passion and I want to work with YOU to grow your online content.

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Why should you be using Pinterest?


The lifespan of Pinterest content is a whole lot longer than that of any other social media platform. That is because Pinterest is powered by SEARCH, not by RECENCY. So as long as you are posting quality content, with optimised keywords, your Pins will appear again, again and again.


As long as you play the long game on Pinterest and have a clear strategy,  you should see exponential growth in your website traffic.
But not just any old traffic, the right traffic from your ideal customer.


90% of users on Pinterest are there with the intention of buying something. So this means the steps between discovery and conversion are greatly reduced and you are much more likely to make a conversion on your website if someone has clicked through on your Pin.

Are you frustrated by the lack of traffic being driven to your website?

Or are you getting plenty of traffic, but not enough conversions?

Are you putting in hours of hard work to produce killer content, just to be greeted by the sound of crickets?

Are you able to get plenty of likes and followers over on Facebook and Instagram, but it just doesn’t seem to be converting into sales?

I feel you!

I’ve worked with many clients who have been in your exact position, that have seen a dramatic rise in traffic (the right kind of traffic) to their sites by using the magic of Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the best kept secrets in online marketing.

If you’re not using Pinterest to market your business then you are missing out on selling to your ideal customer.

If you don’t have the time to be consistent on Pinterest or are not sure of the strategy you should be taking, then that’s where I come in!

I’m sure that I have the perfect service available, just for you!

Client Love

“I wanted to get my business on Pinterest for for ages, but I didn’t really know where to start. I could tell that Jenny clearly knew her stuff when it came to Pinterest. My website was getting a few thousand views before I got on Pinterest, but since working with Jenny, those views have already doubled. Start working with Jenny today and start making your business more visible.”

Pamela Langan, Career Coach

Here’s how I can help you:

Ready to start driving more traffic to your website?